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Smart Fix is your one-stop shop for Las Vegas Computer Repair! Smart Fix can help you with your computer repair or diagnostic needs in Las Vegas. We understand how complicated most of the systems have gotten and how frustrating they are to diagnose. You can count on us to get your computer up and running like new again. We can upgrade your hard drive, install memory, or re-install software when needed. Each of these components is vital to your computer’s health. We work on any of the PC or Mac computers. There are some computers that are more difficult to work with than others, but we are here to help. We will guide you in the correct path to the repair while updating you along the way. Don’t pay ridiculous retail pricing for your computer repair. Come to us for the most honest assessment, and the best prices.


In need of an honest and fair Las Vegas computer repair & diagnostic? We’re glad you found us. We start our computer repairs start with a free diagnostic exam. One of our technicians will examine and test the key components of your computer. We will run a diagnostic / stress test to make sure all your components are working in all conditions. They will key in on the problem areas and provide a course of action for your computer repair.

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New PC’s and Laptops release every year. New technologies are introduced constantly, and we have to stay on top of our game to understand these technologies. Our technicians have seen most if not all these computers. Whether you have a Dell, HP, or Mac we can help with diagnostic and repair. The difference between the PC repairs and iMac and Macbook repairs can be very minimal, depending on the model years. If you have a new or older computer, be confident we will find the best solution for you.

Parts Sourcing For Your Computer Repair

There are thousands of models of computers, including custom made PCs. Sourcing the correct computer repair parts for the repair can be difficult at times. We have sources for different types of computers, only using the best quality parts. Some parts may be difficult to find because of low production runs or age. We can still save your computer! Sometimes we have to use sources like or to find parts for computer repair. No matter where we find the part, we will work with you every step of the way.

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